Crossing Paths: Novel Writing and Historical Research.

Pam Carely at the Providence Public Library

Join local writers and librarians as they discuss the crossroads of historical fact and fiction. Their conversation will explore how researching the past often leads the novelist and historian in surprisingly different directions. Featuring Director of the West Warwick Library Tim O’Donnell, Writer of Rebel Wife Taylor Polites, Writer of A History of the Providence River Bob Geake, Writer of A Time to Dance Padama Venkatraman, and Jordan Goffin the Special Collections Librarian of the Providence Public Library.  Crossing Paths: Novel Writing and Historical Research is sure to be a great discussion on the paths that cross when historical facts meet works of fiction. This discussion will truly give meaning to the phrase fact is stranger than fiction. Books will be available for purchase at the Brown Book store. Parking is available at the Providence Hilton parking garage for $3 for 3 hours, the Providence Public Library will be able to validate parking at the front desk. Crossing Paths: Novel Writing and Historical Research will be held in the 3ed floor meeting room the event is free to everyone who wishes to attend. Happening November 2nd at 1:30Pm to 3:30 PM.

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