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Design the Night: WYSIWYG Series

Graphic Design: Now in Production

design the night

The Museum’s dynamic evening event series, Design the Night, kicks off with a celebration of “Graphic Design: Now in Production.” In Design the Night: WYSIWYG, what you see and what you get are lively discussions with artists and designers, hands-on art making, music, and more—all free!


Office Hours: Hand-Drawn Lettering
5-7 pm
Ladyfingers Letterpress, Morgan Calderini (RISD 2007 BFA Printmaking) and Arley-Rose Torsone (Parsons BFA 2004), create one-of-a kind paper products and custom invitations. Learn about their design process as they create hand-lettered designs and discuss the workflow from initial drawing to final letterpress print. In Office Hours, artists, designers, experts, and brainiacs take the doors off of their offices and studios. Stop by for conversation or advice.

Self-Serve Design Bar
5-8:45 pm
Experiment with the tools and techniques of graphic design. Stop by to create your own letterforms, explore shapes and formats, and assemble convergences.

Work in Process: Critical Productions
5-8:45 pm
Join RISD students from the class ‘Graphic Design Now’ as they use an industrial printer to produce and distribute a series of self-authored critical guides to the “Graphic Design: Now in Production” exhibition. In Work in Process, RISD students share the processes and techniques used to create their work in relation to historical and contemporary examples on view.

Artist Tour: Jacob Khepler of Mothers News
5:30 pm
In this casual tour, follow Mothers News managing editor Jacob Khepler through the 20th-century gallery exploring inspirational motifs and approaches to art, “with an eye towards fine artists that also worked in or referred to “low” mediums like comics, books, newspapers, posters, dirty jokes, yelling in the street, being drunk and on drugs, and childbirth.” Mothers News is an eclectic, ecstatic monthly newspaper published in Providence and distributed worldwide.

The Boston Typewriter Orchestra
6-6:30 pm & 7:30-8 pm
Experience the unique sounds of the Boston Typewriter Orchestra during this rhythmic, comedic and satirical performance.

6-8 pm

Information incessantly bombards us which can become annoying, stressful, and overwhelming. Where and how do we intentionally create quietude to balance the noise? Can you think without using words? Artist Jenine Bressner creates a moment for you to turn off the phone, celebrate mystery, and let yourself wonder and wander.

Avenue DJ Project
6:30-8:30 pm
DJ Jackson Morley, from the Avenue DJ Workshop, and two students from Alvarez High School who have been learning DJ and performance skills since February, provide music. The Avenue DJ Workshop offers free DJ learning modules for youth and young adults between the ages of 15-20. Designed to teach the art of DJing, mentor-based instruction focuses on DJ fundamentals, basic music theory, recording and production, live performance, and business skills necessary to sustain a creative practice.

Work in Process: Manual
6:30-8 pm
Join Amy Pickworth, Editor of Museum Publications, to learn about the creation of “Manual,” a journal about art and its making, published by the RISD Museum. Peruse the pages of the newest issue and purchase a copy to take with you.

Work in Process: Applications of Neon & Plastic Signage
6:30-8:30 pm
Alice Taranto (RISD BFA 2015 Graphic Design) shares the tools and techniques used to create custom signage in neon and plastic.

Work in Process: Machine Knitting
6:45-8:45 pm
Peyton North (RISD BFA 2015 Textiles) demonstrates how to make knitted fabrics on a hand knitting machine.

The Artist’s Lab: Typographic Sound
7-8:30 pm
What you see is what you hear, what you hear is who we are. There is resonance in the sounds of secrets, in the names of those we love, in those things we long for. In this workshop with designers Jane Androski and Emily Rye, typography transforms into sound.

Art Shots: Cosmopolitan Things
7-7:30 pm
Join Raina Fox (Brown University MA 2014, Public Humanities) for this special design-focused tour looking at three objects made from, by, and for people in different parts of the world, with designs that reflect their cosmopolitan aspirations. Explore art and design through gallery talks spanning centuries and cultures from the perspective of student artists and scholars.

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