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Miika Benedetti: Nocebo/Placebo

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GRIN Gallery is pleased to announce Nocebo/Placebo, the first US solo exhibition of Miika Benedetti. The 26 year old artist primarily works with intensive introspection of conceptual ideas and practice, paired with a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques across various media.

He deals with themes of power, competition, death, masculinity, social control, and social inequality using varying mediums. Nocebo/Placebo, an exhibition of painting, photography and installation, will, through these grander themes, focus on inherent aggression of internet culture: “see but don’t see” exhibitionism, competition and apathetic anonymity (anonymous sex, anonymous violence). This exhibition marks his return to the US after basing his studio practice in Beijing for three years.

Dates: March 20th – April 12th
Hours: Saturdays 12pm – 5pm or by appointment

About the artist:
Since completing the Red Gate Residency Program in 2010, Benedetti has shown extensively in Beijing; he produced his first solo exhibition “Coma” in Unit One Gallery, and had work in two group shows at the Ullen’s Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA). In the last year, he has had solo exhibitions at the U.S. Embassy of Beijing and Ying Gallery. Benedetti has been associated with important contemporary art movements in Beijing and is one of the first foreign artists to have done so as extensively.

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Miika Benedetti Interview with Amazing China


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