A Haunted Tour of Slater Mill

Slater Mill

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This event finished on 30 October 2014

Slater Mill Americans first mill located in Pawtucket Rhode Island is a marvel of engineering and started Americans turn for industrialization. A beautiful place in the day time. At night when the sun sets and the mill gets locked up foot steps can be hear along with a child’s laughter and a ball bouncing, machinery turning on by its self as if the workers have just clocked in, clothing and hair being toughed, and voices from no where. Join Carl L. Johnson for a paranormal tour of Slater Mill October 16th, 23ed, &30th. October 31st there will be a seance which is  where a medium will attempt to make contact with any spirit still making textile at the Slater Mill. A haunted tour of Slater Mill will start at 7:30 PM and go to 9:00 PM it will coast $20 per person and you must be over 15 . The seance will be held October 31 starting at 8:30Pm and going to 10:30 PM you must be 18 years and older, admission is $28 per person. It may not seem it but a haunting can take place where there has been a lot of suffering, mills were dangerous place to work a lot of people were injured and died on those machines including children. In the past there were not child labor laws and children were just the right size to unjam most of the machines. So place be respectful as a spirit that is know to still reside at Slater mill is that of a child.Slater Mill at night

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