“Inheritance” Documentary Screening

City Arts presents: The Narrative Image

Event Details

Inheritance” is a student film about the art and culture of the South Side and Elmwood neighborhoods of Providence, Rhode Island. On Sunday, August 30th at 7:00 PM, we will project it on the Bomes Theater wall at 1017 Broad St.

This is a one night community arts event that also features local performances by DJs, spoken word artists, and more! It is free + open to the public! Join us!

In doing this we will be utilizing the Bomes Theater as it was historically used, a center for community entertainment, and bringing positive attention towards an abandoned building which still holds a great deal of memories for the long time residents of this community.

“Inheritance” was created by ¡CityArts! youth during our 2015 summer program, under the instruction of Teaching Artist, Kristina Brown and videographer, Monay McNeil. The film is comprised of stills and video captured by ¡CityArts! youth, documenting who the artists that live and work in the neighborhood are, and how they view and experience community. The students also conducted supplementary interviews with one another and other community members.

This project was funded by a PVD PopUp grant through the City of Providence.

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