Midwinter Breastival of the Arts

Breastival of the Arts

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Midwinter Breastival of the Arts @ Machines With Magnets

Friday, January 23rd @ 7PM | Gallery opening gala & gong bath
In Our Own hands: The Ecstatic Arts of Breast Health
Featuring Fine Artists: Diana Arvanites, Judith Bertozzi, Stephen Brunelli, Coralie Cooper, Quinn Corey, Kate Gronner, Jennifer Hrabota Lesser, Ted Lee, Lisa Maloney, Lindy McDonough, Diane Messinger, Haley O’Connor, Li Pallas, Kyla Quigley, Joseph Skorupa, Heather Tuscadero, Glenna Van Nostrand, Willa Van Nostrand, Rebecca Volynsky, Priscilla Weidlein & Joan Wyand.

& Healing Artists: Jackie Bell, Paige Eastman Dickenson, Shabnam Hashemi, Rachel Medeiros, Joann Monteiro, Sam Ogden, Kate Savage, Kerstin Zettmar & many more

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