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jonahMY NAME IS JONAH screening at AS220 Black Box: As you may know, the members of the Arkham Film Society have helped program and acted as consultants for film festivals in the past as well as entertained the idea of hosting their own film festival. Well they’ve decided to start a series of screenings under the Arkham Film Festival banner, these screenings will showcase current independent films that we are considering programming or recommending to other film festivals we work with. The first of these Arkham Film Festival screenings will take place in July and will showcase the 2014 documentary MY NAME IS JONAH and will be presented with some cast and crew members in attendance.

Event details: Monday July 7th
8:00 pm Doors 8:30 pm Screening
$5.00 Admission
At Empire Black Box
95 Empire Street,
Providence, RI

What is the secret origin of this self-proclaimed ‘real-life warrior, adventurer and musician’? How has he gained his tremendous cult following? Steel yourselves for a quest to explore how this enigmatic personality came to be and the powerful effect he has on all those he meets. Prepare to be amazed at just how ordinary your own life really is…

In the past we have brought you screenings of great modern independent genre films and now we will be able to showcase more great new films as part of this series. We will program films as part of this series intermittently amongst our monthly screenings at the Black Box. As always you can get more info on our website.

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