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Nonspace: Curated by Matthew King

By Clark McLean Graham

Nonspace is a group exhibition of six artists based in Boston, Philadelphia, and Cleveland, bringing together the work of Julia Cseko, Joseph Leroux, Clark Mclean Graham, Jessica Pinsky, Nathan Wellman and Matthew King.

Exhibition Open: May 15th – June 14th

Reception: May 15th 5-9PM

Through the cross-pollination of materials, nonspace questions the institutionalized visual systems that characterize genres and traditions. These materials challenge their own functionality and undermine their definitions.

The exhibition assembles a group of of work that exists between distinct classifications. All of the artists search for a new type of space that resists the certainty of a conclusive ideology. Rather than declaring answers found in patented formal structures, the work in nonspace interrogates these structures, and establishes new dialogues.

The aesthetics and materials employed here are wide ranging, and all of the artists are invested in a variety of themes and subject matter. There is however, an awareness that is shared amongst all of the artist’s practices- An awareness of how their work stands between boundaries and refuses to be easily defined by a singular discipline. The result is work that is conscious of its influences, and confident in existing in an uncharted dimension.

About the Curator: Matthew King was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986. He earned a BFA from The Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2010 and was the recipient of the Edward Movitz painting award. His work has been included in exhibitions throughout the United States including Boston, Brooklyn, Providence, and Austin TX. He currently lives and works in Somerville, Massachusetts. Nonspace marks his curatorial debut.

The Artists:
Clark Mclean Graham | Jessica Pinsky | Nathan WellmanJulia Csekö | Matthew King Joseph Leroux

Jessica Pinksy’s textile weaving, executed on a floor loom, maintains a close relationship to painting, while Clark Mclean Grahams work addresses the place between sculpture and time based media. Graham establishes his own parameters of two polarizing mediums, creating a type of hybrid that analyzes our perceptions of time and memory.

Nathan Wellman’s work deals with the built environment, how it is constructed, and how we interface with it. Wellman draws from the suggestive patterns of architecture, and interrupts the models that surround our experience and force our behaviors.

Similar to Wellman, Julia Cseko and Joseph Leroux’s sculptures both take cues from the objects in our environment. There is a concern given to the interpretation of objects, and how we interact with them. Both artists address the logic of form in seemingly functional objects while re-ordering the hierarchy of objects and their assigned roles.

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