Poncili Creacion presents: Pink Panic @ 95 Empire Black Box

pink panic

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pink panicAS220 brings you: Poncili Creacion Presents Pink Panic Tour in the Eastern US & Canada

BALTIMORE–Poncili Creacion, surrealist puppetry and performance group from Puerto Rico, joins forces with artists from Baltimore to tour the US for the fourth time and the second time in Canada. Pink Panic, a 21-city tour, follows up on Poncili Creacion’s recent artist residency in Baltimore at multi-arts venue Holy Underground.

Known for its child-like but not childish aesthetic, Poncili Creacion presents themes of unity versus isolation, the body as an ever-changing & transforming entity, and the transitory nature of life. The artists sculpt captivating monsters, animals, and landscapes from foam and reclaimed objects that result in abstract and colorful masks, puppets, and props. The ensuing narrative and accompanying music yields an otherworldly experience for all ages.

Pink Panic Description & Details
Centered around the death of a pig and the farmer who tries to save him, a group of surreal monsters who have come to mourn the pig from another dimension try to find the funeral with the help of a flying arrow. Meanwhile, the farmer’s dog follows their trail backwards from the distant future. Accompanying music includes sitar, bass, and sound design. 

The touring artists are:

  • Efrain Del Hierro: performer, sculptor, dancer & puppeteer from San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Ann Russell: puppeteer, performer, dancer & actor from Baltimore, Maryland
  • Theresa Columbus: puppeteer and performance artist from Baltimore, Maryland
  • Zach Christensen: music producer & multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore, Maryland
  • Ami Dang: music producer, sitarist, & singer from Baltimore, Maryland

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