Praesepe by why be/e collective + Mexico City – Spectacular Vernacular

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PRAESEPE by why be/e collective
Reilly Gallery

Praesepe, why be/e collective’s new site-specific installation for Providence College— Galleries, uses the organizing principles of the beehive to explore contemporary notions of collectivity, cooperation and personal versus communal creation. In a process that mimics a bee colony’s methodology, why be/e collective artists Sara Young and Tyler Budge disperse to their respective studios—Budge to the West coast, Young here on the East coast—to collect, manipulate and archive found and created matter in glass test tubes. With this installation, which takes its name from the Latin word for beehive cluster, they have come together again to compile many months of individual work into an exhaustive and collaboratively designed collection of materials and ideas. Comprised of multiple boxed beehives storing several thousand glass test tubes filled with everything from mundane debris to tiny yet fully realized art projects, the installation—accompanied by a soundtrack citing a seemingly endless list of contents— ponders modern culture’s fixation on individual work ethic, systematic group labor and the cumulative effects of production en masse.

*The why be/e collective artist talk for Praesepe will be held at 5 p.m. in Room 227 at the Smith Center for the Arts. The reception will be held on the first in the Reilly Gallery.

Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery

Many Cities, One Providence: Mexico City – Spectacular Vernacular, a group show featuring projects by José Arnaud-Bello, Pia Camil and Ramiro Chaves, brings into the gallery three artists’ explorations of Mexico City, their creative center and home city. Incorporating past and present elements of local architecture, urban and colonial history, capitalist spectacle and daily life, Spectacular Vernacular showcases a kind of urban alchemy cultivated by artists and resident citizens alike.

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