Providence Hoot: Open Air, Open Mic

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pvd hoot flowerOn September 7th, Providence Hoot and InDowncity will be hosting an open air and open mic night at Grant’s Block. At each event they’ll be joined by Bolt Coffee Company, serving excellent iced coffee and Macaron Millie, the mobile trike of Ellie’s Bakery who’ll have delicious French macaron ice cream sandwiches. Seating is limited at Grant’s Block so make sure to bring your favorite picnic blanket or camping/beach/kitchen chair. About Providence Hoot: In a world where creativity and musical prowess lie somewhere in the depths of every person, a stage to perform is sometimes a rare sight. For when the inner troubadour yearns to unleash its poetic and instrumental talent, the elusive venue may be hard to find. Providence Hoot, a free open mic, is that stage, that venue, that canvas for the singer and musician who may or may not perform regularly. This is an event for all, from professional musicians to perpetual singers in the shower. This is for debuting new material and perfecting old classics. This is for playing originals and for covering anything under the sun. This, the Providence Hoot, is your stage. About InDowncity: A local news source devoted to sharing the best that Downcity Providence has to offer. Learn about neighborhood happenings, food, shopping, living, local gossip and more. Downcity is the historic center of the capital city of Providence, Rhode Island. Filled with beautifully restored turn-of-the-centry commercial buildings, Downcity is the home to hundreds of small businesses, thousands of residents, and the richest concentration of arts and culture in the city. This easily walkable neighborhood is home to the city’s theaters, hotels, convention centers, world renowned restaurants, boutique shops, universities, and parks. Featured photo from Our Life Experiments.

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