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On August 7th at the Metcalf Auditorium, Oil & Water will be on at 2:30pm as part of the Rhode Island International Film Festival. The festival will include films by and for kids from across the globe, and the film list will include:

oilNi-Ni“: In a Mexican border town, 17 year old Daniel, a small time dealer, yearns for a better life after he bumps into a girl from his past and remembers the boy he used to be. The chance encounter prompts him to change his ways, but the grip of the cartel is already upon him and will not easily let him go.Ni-ni, short for ‘ni estudia, ni trabaja’, refers to youth between the ages of 13-24 who neither work nor study; the largest population currently residing in Ciudad Juarez.





oilCrooked Candy“:Kinder Surprise eggs are hugely popular all around the world. From the foil wrapper to the chocolate shell, the plastic yolk capsule to the clever toy inside, Kinder eggs are practically a global rite of childhood. That is, except in the United States, where they’re considered a choking hazard and are illegal. This is the story of a Kinder smuggler.

Now in its 18th year, FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival™ (RIIFF) will take place August 5-10, 2014. The Festival has become a leading juried competition showcase for international independent filmmakers and their work. In 2013, Flickers screened 216 cinematic works in six days to large and appreciative crowds.

The films screened came from 65 countries, and 36 states in the United States. During the 2013 Festival, there were 55 World and US/North American Premieres. A total of 21 Narrative Feature, 43 Feature/Documentaries and 152 Short Films were screened. Following months of adjudication and review, Festival films were selected from over 5,114 submissions.

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