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Friday Film Screenings

Now in its 6th year, the Southeast New England Film, Music & Arts Festival has established itself as one of the premier festivals in New England dedicated to giving life to independent cinema, music and art.  Join us for 6 days of independent films, live music, art exhibits and lively parties. Meet filmmakers from all over the world, local artists and musicians all in one dynamic festival.

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Friday, April 25th Schedule:

Location: Columbus Theatre
$10 per screening general, $8 seniors/students unless otherwise noted

4:15 PM International Short Films
5:30 PM Documentary Shorts
6:45 PM SENE American Showcase Narrative Feature
8:45 PM Comedy Shorts
10:30 PM Horror Feature

International Short Films

Rose, Mary and Time (UK, 2013, 38 mins)
Director: Hardeep Giani

Felix (Germany, 2011, 1 min)
Director: Anselm Belser
Producer: Paul Ohmert

The End (UK, 2013, 4 mins)
Director: Rodeo Whiter

Omas Dilemma (Germany, 2013, 4 mins)
Director: Daniel Seideneder

Amanece (Spain, 2014, 16 mins)
Director: Néstor Ruiz Medina
Producer: Lucía Martín Hernández

Documentary Shorts

Rhythms of Resistance (Brazil/Canada, 2013, 29 mins)
Director: Jason O’Hara

Godka Circa (Spain/US/Somalia, 2014, 10 mins)
Directors: Àlex Lora, Antonio Tibaldi

Eye of the Storm (US, 2012, 16 mins)
Director: S. Kramer Herzog

SENE American Showcase Narrative Feature

the one who loves you post imageThe One Who Loves You (US, 2012, 95 mins)
Director: Katharyn Grant
Producers: Chris Graves, Katharyn Grant, Beaty Reynolds

It’s 1974. Gloria Bethune faces a bleak existence after failing as a singer in New York.  She retreats to her small hometown where she falls for a grifter, who claims to be the former manager of a famous Country singer. Through this flawed man’s faith in her, Gloria’s passion for singing is reborn, but she is pushed into uncharted territory.






Comedy Shorts

Pain Staking (US, 2012, 11 mins)
Director: Adolfo Martinez Perez
Producer: Linda L Miller

Crushed Willi (Germany, 2013, 6 mins)
Director: Volker Heymann

The Marriage Pact (US, 2013, 9 mins)
Director: Josh Gondelman
Producer: Micah Sherman

Steffi Likes This/Steffi Gefallt Das (Germany, 2012, 5 mins)
Director: Philipp Scholz
Producers: Florian Gregor, Philipp Scholz

Sheltered Love (US, 2014, 10 mins)
Director: Alex Italics

Symphony of Fools/Sinfonie Der Dumpfbacken (Germany, 2011, 5 mins)
Director: Volker Heymann

Sitter (US, 2013, 20 mins)
Director: Jennifer Harrison
Producer: Steven Beeson

Blow Up (Australia, 2013, 8 mins)
Directors: Christian Doran, John Frohlich

The Grapes of Wranglers (US, 2012, 4 mins)
Director: Brett  Johnson

Horror Feature

house of dust post imageHouse of Dust (US, 2013, 95 mins)
Director: A.D. Calvo
Producers: A.D. Calvo, Todd Slater

No one knows the real horrors that occurred 60 years ago in Redding House Asylum; all evidence was incinerated in its crematorium. But when a group of medical students break into the shuttered hospital, they literally stir up the ashes of the damned. For the mentally unstable new girl on campus (Inbar Lavi of MTV’s “Underemployed”), it will force her to the edge of sanity. And for those who accidentally ingested the cremains of an infamous serial killer, their nightmare of madness and murder has just begun. Steven Grayhm (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Eddie Hassell (“Devious Maids”), Holland Roden (“Teen Wolf”), Joy Lauren (“Desperate Housewives”) and Stephen Spinella (“24”) co-star in this chilling possession shocker inspired by true events.




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