Water Ways Exhibit

Providence Children's Museum

The Providence Children’s Museum is adding a new exhibit to the museum. See how water reacts in all its different forms and get wet in the process. The water ways exhibit has so much to offer play with the pressure of water to send balls in to the air, build your own flume and see water in motion, paint a wall with water to make your own master peace, change the size and shape of water spouts from a gentle mist to a powerful stream, find what mysteries are hidden in the crushed ice exhibit, there’s even a toddler play area, and so much more. Splash, play, and learn at the Providence Children’s Museum’s water ways exhibit. The water ways exhibit will be open November 8th at 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM admission is $9.00 for adults and children parking usually goes fast so make sure your there early.

water ways exibit

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