3rd Annual Spectacular Cookie Smackdown

Do you like cookies? If you are a rabid cookie fan or a cookie connoisseur then make sure you don’t miss the 3rd Annual Spectacular Cookie Smackdown. Join the best chief’s from around Rhode Island as they compete to see who has the best cookie in the state. No matter which chief takes home the title you are sure to be the winner with all the cookies that are going to be made. Don’t worry about having a way to wash down those cookies. There will be milk along with, Yacht Club Soda, and New Harvest Coffee to keep your pallet cleansed all day long. Make sure you get your ticket for the 3rd Annual Spectacular Cookie Smackdown. This will be held at the Fete Lounge on December 7th at 1:00 PM tickets cost $15 each. Get some cookies and milk to enjoy the day.


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