99th PechaKucha Night

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Announcing the 99th PechaKucha Night here in Providence! It’s one of our favorite PK Nights of the year as we continue our summer tradition at The Avenue Concept. You can look forward to another night outdoors surrounded by cool art, beautiful gardens, and interesting people.

This month’s theme is “99 Problems.” Presenters are free to interpret the theme literally, loosely or not at all. PechaKucha is unjuried and uncensored, so anyone can sign up. If you’re interested in presenting, email us at [email protected].

As always, PechaKucha Night is FREE and all are welcome. We will be accepting voluntary $2 donations to help fund the global PechaKucha movement and your local chapter.

If you haven’t heard of this global yet unpronounceable phenomenon, PechaKucha is a monthly format for sharing ideas in which presenters are allotted 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide. Simply put: it’s 6 minutes and 40 seconds of show and tell for grown-ups. It began in Tokyo in 2003, has since spread to over 900 cities worldwide, and first landed in Providence in March of 2009. To the best of our knowledge, Providence is the only chapter in the entire world that hosts a PechaKucha Night every month of the year.

Doors open at 7:20, presentations start at 8:20, and schmoozing goes down throughout.

2 thoughts on “99th PechaKucha Night”

  1. I would love to present my views re
    Employee Sustainabilty . The theories were reduced to practice successfully. I have a presentation teed up and I am ready to go
    I would love to talk to an organizer.
    Guy Marini

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