Alternative folk artist Allysen Callery Live at Linden Place Mansion


Event Details

Join us in the historic Linden Place Mansion for an amazing night of sixties-inspired folk music! Self-taught Rhode Island singer-songwriter Allysen Callery will be joining Linden Place for an entertaining night of folk music inspired by the sounds of the 1960s and 70s.

Best known for her captivating lyrics and beautiful vocals, Allysen Callery has a dedicated following in Europe and Australia as well as in New England where she won the Providence Phoenix Singer-Songwriter of the Year award in 2012. She is best described as creating “quiet music for a loud world” with her tightly crafted, elegantly performed originals earning her a place at the forefront of the “ghost folk” genre. She uses a unique and intricate fingerstyle method of playing guitar, and has a voice that has been called “mesmerizing and angelic”. Her style is heavily influenced by the British Folk Revival of the 1960s and early 70s.

Tickets for the concert are $20 for general admissions and $15 for Linden Place members, and free for Colt Circle members. Reservations should be made in advance as seating is limited.

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