BIF10 Summit

BIF10 Summit

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This event finished on 18 September 2014

The Business Innovation Factory’s 2014 Summit


BIF10 Summit

Two Days.
32 Storytellers.

Ten years of connecting, collaborating, and experimenting has brought us to a simple conclusion — innovators are wired differently. One of the nation’s most renowned storytelling gatherings, the BIF Summit provides innovators with the space to be curious and crazy, get inspired, and collide with unusual collaborators. Benevolent troublemakers need community, a space to play, and opportunities to collide. The BIF Summit exists as a means to enable a purposeful community of innovation junkies who want to design, prototype, and test new business models and social systems in the real world.

Last year, more than 400 innovators from around the globe headed to Providence for two days of storytelling. An audience representing eight countries, 27 states, and a multitude of private and public industries, created the perfect sandbox to drive conversation and creativity. As always, the BIF Summit focused on great storytelling, allowing our audience to connect the dots while themes such as finding your purpose, building community, and identifying better ways to deliver value emerged.

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