To The Bone, a durational performance hosted by RISCA


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A durational performance

by Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sanchez
RISCA’s Merit Fellow in New Genres

About the performance:

TO THE BONE uses household paint collected from Sherwin-Williams (whose names echo deeply entrenched racist ideas about color) as layers to be excavated and decolonized. Through performance, Lundberg Torres Sanchez positions color, identity, and home at the border of Interior & Exterior as a site to contemplate erasure and reclamation under white supremacy.

Lundberg Torres Sanchez’s current visual art series, Casa de Casta (currently on display at IMAGO Gallery and at AS220), references paint-chips: objects that contain both commercial and domestic resonances. As a consumer, when you pick up a paint-chip at the store you think about what is desirable for your home, and how color might transform the spaces that you live in day-to-day:

Can I live with this? Does this go in my home?
Do I want to surround myself with this color?

To further allure the consumer, companies use naming (ex. “Nonchalant White,” “Well-Bred Brown”) and classification, or collections (ex. “Colonial Revival”), to brand their colors. These creative acts of naming and class(ify)ing are created as a way to sell you, the consumer, not only a color, but also a story about how this shade will transform your domestic environment. Through Casa de Casta, Lundberg Torres Sanchez looks at the politics of color and desirability within home aesthetics, particularly through a selection process based on the question, what colors do we wish live with?

The performance will happen over 6 hours
Leading up to Writers’ Night at RISCA’s Fellowship Exhibition

About the artist:

Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sanchez is a Colombian performance artist, visual artist, and educator. He creates collaborative collisions between public and performer, inviting immersion and participation by creating spaces that script the way audiences engage. His recent work activates his body and archives as unmoored travelers: passing through sites of the national, medical, theological, and familial — leaving remnants in their wake.

Lundberg Torres Sanchez’s work has appeared in spaces including the PHI Centre (Montreal), SP Escola de Teatro (Sao Paulo), Zona 30 (Lima), El Bunker (La Paz), Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, Queens Museum, Panoply Performance Laboratory (Brooklyn), Silent Barn (Brooklyn), Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics (Brooklyn), Bowery Poetry Club (Manhattan), Teatro Circulo (Manhattan), La MaMa E.T.C. (Manhattan), the Morgan Library & Museum (Manhattan), Jersey City Art & Studio Tour, JC Fridays (Jersey City), The Mills Gallery (Boston), Villa Victoria Center for the Arts (Boston), IMAGO Gallery (Warren, RI), Providence International Arts Festival, PVDFest (Providence), AS220 (Providence), AURORA (Providence), and the Pigeon Hole Gallery (Providence).

He is a resident artist at AS220 in Providence, and is a member of the 2012 EMERGENYC cohort at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics. Lundberg is the recipient of NEA funding through AS220’s 2017 Community Live Arts Residency and is RISCA’s 2017 Merit Fellow in New Genres.

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