Community In Focus: Photographs & Stories Of Olneyville

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Artist Reception for “Community in Focus: Photographs and Stories of Olneyville” in the Gallery at City Hall

Photographs & Stories of Olneyville

Community in Focus: Photographs and Stories of Olneyville is an oral history and photo exhibit showcasing the diverse culture and history of the Olneyville community. Undertaken as part of Olneyville Housing Corporation’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, the exhibit celebrates life in Olneyville by pairing 25 striking portraits of Olneyville residents with the residents’ own real-life stories of the neighborhood. This unique photographic and oral history exploration of the neighborhood allows goes beyond traditional historic resources such as archives, newspaper clippings, old maps and photos to more intimately understand community history. The exhibit engages the community in a revisiting of memory, a creation of art, and a celebration of neighborhood pride.

The show will be on view in the Gallery at City Hall January 28th – March 24th.

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