1 Once 1 – Electroshamanic Ceremonial Music with a Classical Touch by Francisco and Miguel Noya

Primordial Pre-Colombian Ethnic Sounds Mixed with Contemporary Music and Live Electronics.

WaterFire is pleased to present Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra’s resident conductor, Francisco Noya, and his brother Miguel Noya, who be playing together for the first time in Providence to present a program of original music with themes deeply connected to the sounds of WaterFire Providence.  Check out their music at the RISD flagpoles on the Providence River Greenway where they will present an evening of Ritual Electronic Music where High Technology and Shamanistic Traditions meet Ancient and Sacred sounds.

This evening is part of WaterFire’s on-going exploration of new approaches to creative placemaking through art, design and innovation. This larger creative placemaking program is made possible in part by the support of ArtPlace.

Water: The root of life, the body holding human intentions

Fire: Primordial molding force, the heat and light of internal and external life.


Part One – Toná/Water

  1. The Origin: Molecules of Time – Molecules in Movement – Inner Space
  2. The River
  3. Curiara
  4. Malawaka
  5. Krönos
  6. Lift up
  7. Baalbek

Part Two – Epö/Fire

  1. Magma
  2. The Warm Moon: Yanomami Legends of Creation: Take Off – Mooncity 1- Float
  3. Ritual Water – Metal – Sublimation

Francisco NoyaFRANCISCO NOYA is the Resident Conductor of the Rhode Island Philharmonic and teaches conducting at the Berklee College of Music where he is also the conductor of the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra. He has conducted orchestras in the US, Europe Russia and South America and is equally at home in the symphonic, pops, opera and contemporary repertoire. Francisco has performed with the Rhode Island Philharmonic as part of WaterFire Providence

Miguel NoyaMIGUEL NOYA has been filling the electromagnetic spectrum with electronic  and digitally processed  sound waves  for more  than 30 years.  Right  after  finishing  up  his  studies  at  Berklee  College  Of Music  and  MIT  (1978-1981)  he  returned  to  his  native  country where  he  managed  to  mix  ethnic  sources  with  modern  nonconventional music to create his art. Beyond his records and live performances in many different countries, Miguel has collaborated with great minds in the Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts and Academic worlds. His plans, projects and music designs had been shown on a  planetary  scale,  including  large  audiovisual  installations  at  the World Fairs in Lisbon 1998, Aichi 2005 and at the Venice Biennale 1990.

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