Frog Watch Training at Roger Williams Park Zoo


Be a FrogWatcher!

Amphibian species are disappearing at an alarming rate across the globe due to a number of factors such as habitat loss, pollution, and disease. Become a citizen scientist with FrogWatch USA and help save a frog!!

FrogWatch trainings cover the importance of amphibians in the environment, how monitoring our local population helps to protect them, factors to consider in choosing a site to monitor, how to tell frog species apart by their calls and how to report findings to FrogWatch USA.

After passing a test on identifying frog calls at the end of the training, certified volunteers then commit to monitoring a local amphibian habitat (such as a pond or lake) approximately once a week for about 15 minutes and collecting/submitting data on what they hear.  Data collected will be added to a national FrogWatch USA database. In 2014, 80 sites were monitored almost 900 times by Rhode Island FrogWatch citizen scientists!  In those 900 observations, FrogWatchers heard over 1,220 frog choruses.

Important Note: FrogWatch trainings will cover a large amount of information and protocols.  While FrogWatching is a great after-dark family activity for all ages, the trainings are designed for interested older children and adults.


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