John Brown House Museum: Home For The Holidays

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Celebrating the Holidays conjures up images of Christmas carols, gift-giving, mistletoe, wreaths and the like. But were the Browns really decking the halls and celebrating with all the fixings? Christmas in colonial New England and during the late 1700’s would not be recognizable or very festive to our modern eyes. Visit the John Brown House Museum to explore what kind of Christmas merriment (or lack thereof) John Brown and his immediate family would have witnessed in Providence at that time. Christmas as we know it developed during the 19th century, so that it was John Brown’s grandchildren, the Gammells, and later Marsden Perry who would have observed the season in a way that more closely resembles the festivities of today. Light refreshments will be available and items in the book shop will be 10% off.

Admission: $15 Adults, $5 RIHS members and children

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