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La TraviataHosted by Opera Providence, La Traviata will be held on July 18th and July 20th. It will take place at Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, Providence. La Traviata will feature Natalie Polito, Giovanni Formisano, Rene de la Garza, Jason Connell, Felicia Gavilanes, Ian Pomerantz, Jason Shealy, and Dan Lama.

La Traviata information:
Director: Nathaniel Merchant
Musical Director: Anthony Torelli
Costumes: Everett Hoag
Lighting/Sets: Mike Regan
Choreography: Celia Tafuri

Tickets are available for $35 & $60. They are on sale now, call 401-331-6060 to order or for more information.

About Opera Providence: Opera has been around for over 400 years. What makes this art form so enduring?

Seeing a well-acted movie with a good plot can entertain you and even make you think. Enjoying the music of an orchestra live or via your iPod can stir your emotions. And listening to a live virtuosic performance can make you appreciate the power, passion and quality of the human voice. What opera does is combine all three — story, music and voice — where the combination of the elements is greater than the sum of the parts, producing a theater experience that can’t be matched.

Opera Providence’s mission is to engage and inspire audiences through opera as the ultimate theater experience of music. Through increased performance of, education about, and access to the art form of opera, Opera Providence strives to enrich the quality of life for all in our diverse cultural community; educate and inspire children and youth; and engage audiences in thought provoking experiences. Opera Providence also endeavors to provide performance opportunities for exceptional local and emerging talent.

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