Mottos, Messages, and Gem Lore in Victorian Jewelry

Victorian Jewelry

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Laura Johnson on Victorian Jewelry

In this illustrated talk, Historic New England Associate Curator Laura Johnson reveals messages both hidden and overt in Victorian gems and gem lore. From the many meanings of turquoise to “fide” rings and the language of flowers, nineteenth-century women and men used gems and ornaments to whisper sweet nothings or softly spell out their devotion. Before and after the lecture, view antique Victorian jewelry pieces from Providence’s Reliable Gold. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Light refreshments follow the lecture.

Tickets $5 Historic New England and Preserve Rhode Island members, $10 nonmembers

Registration is required. Please call 617-994-5959 for more information

In partnership with Governor Henry Lippitt House Museum, a property of Preserve Rhode Island.


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