Northeast Planetary Data Center – “Silvery Moon”

Visit the Northeast Planetary Data Centers’ “Silvery Moon” exhibit this July-October & explore a wide range of NASA images dating back to the Ranger series.

The exhibition at the Northeast Planetary Data Center is free!  

The Northeast Planetary Data Center houses a wide range of images from the various NASA missions, dating back to the Ranger series.  It also is developing and making 3D prints of planetary landscapes from NASA mission data (printable versions accessible online). They also developed the content for the shows at the Museum of Natural History exhibit and the RISD Illustration Studies Gallery display.

This exhibit will be at the Lincoln Field Building on the Brown University campus.

Dates & Hours:
      • Weekdays by appointment during July through October 1st
      • From 9:00 AM- 4:00 PM (by appointment: 401-863-3243)



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