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One Day U seeks out the finest professors from the world’s top schools – Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown, and many others and brings them to you for a half day of insightful lectures. On September 8, One Day University will be at the RI Convention Center with three lectures on the topics of Art, Music, and Film.

Music (Mozart), Art (Picasso), and Film (Hitchcock) – Providence 
September 08,2013

There are certainly many artists, musicians, and filmmakers who were good. But very few can truly be called geniuses. When asked to provide a list of geniuses in Western cultural history, most respondents would include the names Picasso, Mozart, and Hitchcock. But what made each of them so great? On Sunday, September 8th, three different professors will present a first ever half-day event in Providence focused solely on Art, Music and Film. Each 60-minute lecture is summarized below:


What Makes Picasso Great?

Noam Elcott / Columbia

At the pinnacle of the modern art pantheon sits Pablo Picasso. Picasso eclipses his nearest rivals in terms of ingenuity,productivity, and perhaps most of all, personality. The unrepentant swagger; the dazzling lovers and ever-so-costly art; the bohemian friends and heroic stature – the mystery and myth of Picasso have come to define the modern artist. But perhaps the myth of the man has obscured the ingenuity of the work, which truly changed the course of modern art. Together, we will rediscover that artistic revolution.


What Makes Mozart Great?

Craig Wright / Yale

What is it in Mozart’s music that makes it among the most sublime ever written? Using music and video clips from operas and films, we will explore the enormous diversity of Mozart’s music. At the same time, by examining color photographs of his autographed manuscripts and draft sketches, we will witness Mozart’s attention to the smallest detail. By the end of this session, we will come to see that not only is Mozart’s music great, but Mozart himself was unique, and arguably the most extraordinary creator ever to set foot on this planet.


What Makes Hitchcock Great

Joseph Luzzi / Bard

Alfred Hitchcock fashioned for himself a distinctive and recognizable directorial style. He pioneered the use of a camera made to move in a way that mimics a person’s gaze, forcing viewers to engage in a form of voyeurism. He framed shots to maximize anxiety, fear, or empathy, and used innovative film editing.Through cameo appearances in his own films, interviews, film trailers, and the television program “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” he became a cultural icon. Hitchcock truly helped shape modern cinema.

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Rhode Island Convention Center
One Sabin St
Providence, RI 02903
September 08,2013
9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

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