Opening Reception: Lynne Tobin

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Presented by Krause Gallery at Moses Brown: Lynne Tobin

lynne tobin blue abstraction I
BLUE ABSTRACTION I, 2010, mixed media on paper, 22″ x 30″

Artist Statement: “My work reflects a fascination with basic organic forms that occur and reoccur in nature. When a subject captures my attention, I explore it over and over again until what is on the surface drops away. I am interested in exploring the continuum between realism and abstraction. I move back and forth between drawing and painting. I paint on my drawings and I draw on my paintings. The tactile experience of mixing pencil, charcoal, pastel and paint is part of the sensuality of what I am hoping to express in my drawings and paintings.

In the hanging sheet series I am interested in the weaving of light and dark. I am fascinated by this image. Each time I draw it I have a new experience. The interplay of light and shadow create a rhythm and subtle motion so that the strips of sheets almost appear to dance. Yet there is a stillness about the image that reminds me of falling snow. Like the rest of my work, the ambiguity of the image invites the viewer to project his or her own ideas onto the form. The hanging sheets make you wonder what it is they are concealing and what is lurking in the shadows.”

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