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We love it when people get creative! Who ever thought that a parking lot or parking spot could be transformed into something other than…well, a parking spot/lot? Park(ing) Day invites Providence residents and businesses to temporarily repurpose their on-street or lot parking spots as something other than parking–a park, an outdoor library, cafe seating, a musical ensemble, an art show, a mini-farmers’ market, you name it. Perhaps some of these temporary fixtures will become so popular that they’ll become permanent.

The Rhode Island Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (RIASLA) and the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIAri), are working together and collaborating with the city of Providence’s Downtown Improvement District to bring the first official, city-wide celebration of PARK(ing) Day to Providence.

This annual event brings together artists, designers, and citizens to transform metered parking spaces into temporary public parks known as Parklets. PARK(ing) Day Providence will include approximately fifteen Parklets located at key points within the downtown area and other Parklets will be located throughout the city.  The Parklet designers will work with local businesses, bringing enthusiasm and energy to the area, while being sensitive to the needs of the shopkeepers and their customers. Through Parklet sponsorships, individual parking meter revenue will be accounted for on that day.

Click on this link for a map of PARK(ing) Day participants.

Check out this link for pics of other Park(ing) Day events around the country.

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