WaterFire presents: Red Fork Empire Embassy to Steampunk

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This event finished on 07 September 2013

Red Fork Embassy to Steampunk

A gallery show like none other!  This creative placemaking project of WaterFire brings the historic Old Stone Bank back to life with a host of artwork and SteamPunk inspired characters.  WaterFire has transformed the historic bank, the gold-domed Providence landmark, into an art gallery and performance space where artists throughout the region will showcase their interpretation of Steampunk art in this singular venue worthy of such an occasion.  In attendance will be various eccentric and renowned personalities including performance artists, circus acts, and musicians to accompany the wonder hung on the walls and positioned on pedestals. Come and see what SteamPunk is all about and meet those who are inspired to create, imagine, and share SteamPunk-inspired art with you.

Gallery is free and open to the public 2pm to midnight on Saturday,  August 24 and Saturday, September 7.  These evenings are part of WaterFire’s on-going exploration of new approaches to creative placemaking through art, design and innovation. This larger creative placemaking program is made possible in part by the support of ArtPlace.

Artists include:
Bruce Rosenbaum – http://modvic.com/
Jason Robert LeClair– http://www.harshrealityltd.com/portfolio
Annie Stegg – http://anniestegg.com/
Jessica Lilley – http://ladyofgraves.wordpress.com/
Babs Daniels – http://www.babetted.com/
Eric Hoffman – http://ehoffmanprints.com/home.html
Shannon Finch – http://www.shannanigan.com/
Kathryn Paterwic – http://kathrynpaterwic.wordpress.com/
Nick Bauta – http://www.thesteelyard.org/
and many many more.

August 24 & 25 Performers include:
Eli August – http://www.eliaugust.com/
Painless Parker – http://www.painlessparkermusic.com/
Frenchy and the Punk – http://www.frenchyandthepunk.com/
World of Wyck – http://theworldofwyck.com/
Karnevil – http://www.karnevil.net/
Piscis Volans – https://www.facebook.com/piscisvolanscircus
and more.

Saturday, August 24 performances begin at 2pm: Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings, Frenchy & the Punk, The Wandering Cellist, The World of Wyck, Thom Truelove Warden of the Asylum,  Karnevil, Piscis Volans Circus, Pirate Crew of the Dead Rabbit, Boston Sprockettes. The evening culminates with a Redfork Empire Celebration and awards ceremony at 8pm, followed by encore performances by Frenchy and the Punk, Eli August & the Abandoned Buidlings, and Painless Parker.

Sunday performers include:  Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings, Frenchy & the Punk, The Wandering Cellist, Painless Parker, and Emporor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band.


Saturday, September 7 (performances begin at 6pm)

7pm (outside on the steps) Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

10pm Treaty Signing and Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band Concert


Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

This exhibition is a WaterFire Providence project with support from ArtPlaceAmerica.

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