Resist Exhibition at Van Vessem Gallery



An exhibition of responses to the political climate of the United States. Let’s not say the “current” political climate or the “post-election” climate because what is happening now is merely a continuation of what has come before it. Americans (especially
those with comfortable lives) tend to suffer from nasty cases of historical amnesia. Is the rise of Donald Trump frightening because it’s truly unexpected, or because we couldn’t see through the glossy surfaces of our socioeconomic bubbles?

We invited artists to show work that deals with the viscerality of politics. Work that eschews pithy or sophomoric commentary for subtlety and depth. Work that acknowledges history and its inextricable relation to the present. Work that recognizes
emotion as a valid genesis for politics.

We wanted work that seeks and advocates for political solutions heartier and more potent than the ever-nebulous entity of “love.” Work with bark and bite. Work that celebrates
bodies on the periphery, bodies in danger, bodies that might be deemed insufficiently human in a culture saturated with rightism.

We wanted work that questions art as a politically useful mode of production. Work that encourages the viewer to go beyond aesthetics and toward activism. Work that questions
itself, work that implicates the viewer, work that unsettles the pristine space of art and brings us into the violence and fear of material reality.


If the punditry’s utter failure to predict or understand the mainstream acceptance of Trump is any indication, talk is exceedingly cheap. In the interest of putting our money where our mouth is, so to speak, we asked that all participating artists donate a portion of any work sold to the ACLU, Palnned Parenthood, or any other organization of their choice. The gallery will also donate half of their profits to the ACLU.

In conjuction with the gallery opening, there will be an opportunity for people to mingle, listen to poetry, music, meditate etc. . This event is in finalizing stages and we will post more information once we have settled on performers and other details. This event will happen in the Sandywoods Center for the Arts, next door to the gallery.
Confirmed performers:
The Extraordinary Rendition Band
Len Cabral
Christopher Johnson
Jon Campbell
Quahog Quire
and more to come

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