RI International Film Festival at The Dark Lady


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On August 8th at The Dark Lady, “Power Erotic” will be showing at 9:15pm as part of the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Power EroticPower Erotic:” This documentary explores how power, dominance and masculinity influence human sexuality. Distinguished academics guide the audience through a maze of conflicting attitudes ranging from our evaluational instincts, to the psychological.Gay men speak out about the power dynamics that influence their sexuality challenging beliefs and reshape ideas. No effort is made to conceal their thoughts, beliefs and fantasies on what drives their sexual behavior. Candid conversations, some of which are captured after actual sexual encounters provide unusual access to the psychological aspects of sexuality. It is out of these insightful and revealing conversations that form the basis of this documentary. The final minutes of the film take a dramatic turn. Gay men confront their deepest, yet sometimes disturbing childhood experiences which influence their sexual identity.


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