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On August 9th at the Metcalf  Auditorium, Rhode Island Film Festival will feature films from drama, sci-fi & fantasy, and short film categories. Screenings start at 12:15pm and runs 120 minutes. These films are sure to take you back to childhood memories. There are no bounds to imagination. Anything is possible as long as you believe.

ReConceptionReConception:” A group of young boys wage war against a once peaceful forest. Upon finding of a seemingly abandoned cargo trailer, their efforts turn to breaking inside the locked container. The strongest among them manages to penetrate the interior, finding various packed boxes and random junk. His victory is interrupted by the sound of an approaching pickup truck. The other boys scatter as the owner of the pickup proceeds to hitch the wheeled box to the back of his truck and drive away with the young stowaway tucked inside. After a long journey, the trailer is left by a suburban home and the boy takes his chance to escape—but not before one mysterious interchange with the cargo’s true owner.


Blinder PassagierBlinder Passagier (The Stowaway):” After running away from an orphanage, 8-year old Emma believes to have found the perfect hiding place in the apartment of a blind woman named Evelyn then to her, Emma is invisible. But Evelyn is not oblivious to the strange noises in her apartment. She plays along with her little roommate’s silent game of hide-and-seek and eventually learns to see the world through the eyes of a child.



Go FishGo Fish:” Sam a 9 year old boy looses his father in a boating accident. He spends his school afternoons upon the roof of his school sports shed roof, fishing for his father. Traumatized, grief stricken and guilty he emotionally shuts down and becomes an introvert.




JosephineJosephine:” In a remote American dessert town lives Josephine, a young girl on the cusp of adolescence. Left to her own devices, she is free to play yet she is determined to sell chocolate for camp. Slowly her innocence is impressed upon as she begins to confront strangers in the absence of her mother. One encounter especially may change her world.



First PrizeFirst Prize:” A boy finds a dinosaur in the woods, but no one believes him.





Tschuess PapaTSCHÜSS PAPA (Goodbye Papa):” ‘Goodbye Papa’ is a touching drama about a boy coping with the death of his father and the grief that comes with it. Young Benedict is very attached to his father’s old set of medieval armor and it is the only thing that gives him any comfort. Trying to be a knight, he ends up getting into a fight at school with a long-time bully. His mother is forced to sell his suit of armor in an effort to help her son move on. Benedict must then go on a great adventure to get the armor back. Along the way, he learns what it is to be a true knight, with or without his armor.


Now in its 18th year, FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival™ (RIIFF) will take place August 5-10, 2014. The Festival has become a leading juried competition showcase for international independent filmmakers and their work. In 2013, Flickers screened 216 cinematic works in six days to large and appreciative crowds.

The films screened came from 65 countries, and 36 states in the United States. During the 2013 Festival, there were 55 World and US/North American Premieres. A total of 21 Narrative Feature, 43 Feature/Documentaries and 152 Short Films were screened. Following months of adjudication and review, Festival films were selected from over 5,114 submissions.

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