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Saturday Film Screenings Part 2

Now in its 6th year, the Southeast New England Film, Music & Arts Festival (SENE Fest) has established itself as one of the premier festivals in New England dedicated to giving life to independent cinema, music and art.  Join us for 6 days of independent films, live music, art exhibits and lively parties. Meet filmmakers from all over the world, local artists and musicians all in one dynamic festival.

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Saturday Night, April 26th Schedule

Location: Columbus Theatre
Price: $10 general per screening, $8 seniors/students unless otherwise noted

5:00 PM Documentary Feature
5:00 PM LGBT Short Films
7:00 PM American Showcase Narrative Feature
7:00 PM Short Film Program 3
9:15 PM Regional Narrative Feature Spotlight
9:15 PM Stand Up Comedy Showcase

Documentary Feature

raising matty post imageRaising Matty Christian (US, 2014, 84 mins)
Director: Christian de Rezendes

This inspirational documentary profiles the life of Matthew G. Christian (1983-2009), known as ‘Matty’ from the town of Canton, Massachusetts, who was born without a full set of arms and legs and without a tongue. As told through interviews with his parents Allie and Jerry, brother Michael and several close friends and authority figures throughout his life, ‘Raising Matty Christian’ paints a portrait of an inspiring young man who never took no for an answer and set out to live life to the fullest.






LGBT Short Films

Gay Goth Scene (Germany, 2012, 5 mins)
Director: Kai Stänicke

Taking It for Granted (US, 2013, 23 mins)
Director: Jill Salvino
Producers: Pete Dorogoff, Jill Salvino

Three In a Room/Tres en un cuarto (US, 2013, 2 mins)
Director: Andrys Omar-Galan

Narcissist (US, 2014, 18 mins)
Director: Eric Casaccio
Producers: Eric Casaccio, Steven Tylor O’Connor

It’s Consuming Me (Germany, 2012, 3 mins)
Director: Kai Stänicke

Dry Dock (US, 2013, 10 mins)
Director: Brian To
Producer: Leora Glass

Grind (US, 2013, 32 mins)
Director: Zachary Halley
Producers: Zachary Halley, Steven Tylor O’Connor, Telly Leung, Selda Sahin, Derek Gregor, Joseph Rusin, Jay Kuo, Lorenzo Thione, Aiden Tyler Lee, Ryan Dearth, David Larsen

American Showcase Narrative Feature

coherence post imageCoherence (US, 2013, 89 mins)
Director: James Ward Byrkit
Producer: Lene Bausager

COHERENCE is a mindbending puzzle that twists logical thought to the breaking point. A group of friends gather on the night a strange celestial object passes overhead, causing reality and relationships to fracture. Director Jim Byrkit and Producer Lene Bausager bring an updated sensibility to a classic tale of suspense and suspicion. From a story by Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian.






Short Film Program 3

Tete-a-Tete (France/US, 2013, 16 mins)
Director: Lisa Reznik
Producer: Anna Prichard

Her Children Mourn (US, 2013, 10 mins)
Director: Marta Renzi

Femmes (Canada, 2013, 4 mins)
Directors: Yola van Leeuwenkamp, Ines Talbi, Alexandra Larocque-Pierre

Door God (China, 2013, 24 mins)
Director: Yulin Liu
Producer: Di Cheng

Right There (US, 2013, 11 mins)
Director: Nathan Suher

Push (US/Greece, 2013, 6 mins)
Director: Daphne Lambrinou
Producers: Daphne Lambrinou, Vaggelis Mourikis

Regional Narrative Feature Spotlight

wander my friends post imageWander My Friends (US, 2013, 114 mins)
Director: Raz Cunningham
Producer: Melanie Hardy

‘Wander My Friends’ follows a Creative Team as they struggle to launch their own venture in an effort to keep their creative freedom and integrity as they earn to work with each other under new circumstances.   Screens with Mildred’s Millions.








mildred's millions post picMildred’s Millions (US, 2013, 7 mins)
Director: Ben Proulx
Producer: Becki Dennis

Two neighbors in financial and marital turmoil find love in a winning lottery ticket and a side of cantaloupe.  Screens before Wander My Friends.


Comedy SENE – Stand Up Comedy Showcase

Special Event Admission $10 or free with VIP Pass or All Access Pass
(no weekend film passes or vouchers accepted)

Comedians to be announced.

Full Saturday Night Schedule & Info

Facebook: SENE Fest

Twitter: @SENEFest



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