Spectrum Theatre Ensemble: The Hotel Plays

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This event finished on 16 September 2017

Join STE for the immersive theatrical experience of:

The Hotel Plays

September 14th – 16th at Barnaby Castle

It’s August in New Orleans, and it’s hot. Real hot. The kind of hot where steam rolls off the pavement and makes your clothes stick to your skin. The kind of hot where you feel restless and oppressed at the same time, just knowing that a storm could break at any moment. The kind of hot where you look a little differently at the person next to you, wondering what they’re thinking, and feeling the room closing in around you into a desperate pressure cooker of want and need.

Join the Spectrum Theatre Ensemble at Barnaby Castle September 14-16 for The Hotel Plays, four short plays and scenes by Tennessee Williams and William Shakespeare woven into a cohesive whole. You’ll travel through Barnaby Castle, a Victorian mansion groaning with faded memories, surrounded by ensemble members who will bring to life not only conventional scenes but a living, breathing, and fully interactive world.

The Hotel Plays will be performed as a fundraiser; all proceeds will go to the Spectrum Theatre Ensemble, a brand-new nonprofit theatre company, and to Barnaby Castle, a landmark of Providence’s West Side.


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