Tales from the Green Valley

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This month, October: Gathering pears, thatching the cowshed roof with a bracken undercoat and a wheat thatch, driving pigs to forage.

It is one thing to understand the writings and legacy of Roger Williams. It is another thing entirely to grasp what daily life was like.

If you haven’t seen this documentary series you have really missed something special. Tales from the Green Valley is a wonderful 12 part historical documentary originally shown on BBC in 2005. This series follows historians and archaeologists as they recreate everyday life on a small English farm in the early 1620s, using authentic replica equipment and clothing, original recipes and building techniques.

Each episode covers one month at the farm. Each month has its own activities specific for that month. As the series progresses, the cycle of the seasons becomes more and more apparent.

We will be showing one 30 minute episode per month for the next 12 months. Each episode will correspond to the month it is shown. After the showing, please stick around and share ideas about what was covered in that episode. Bring the kids so they can understand the amount of work needed to survive on a farm in the 17th century.

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I notice that you screened Tales from the Green Valley in 2016. I am currently putting together our next US lecture tour for April 2020. Would you be interested in talks on various aspects of England 1558-1660 based on the last 30 years research at the Green Valley.

    Stuart Peachey

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