Taste Trekkers Food Tourism Conference

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This event finished on 22 September 2013


 Taste Trekkers, the nation’s first food tourism conference designed specifically for people who plan their vacations around food.

This event is specifically designed for people who plan their vacations around food. The event organizers have gathered together chefs and farmers, wine makers and beer brewers, food bloggers and travel writers, all with one goal: to show you how to explore the world through food.

9/20 Friday: 6-10:30PM
9/21 Saturday: 9am-5pm
9/22 Sunday: 10am-12pm

  • Sample foods from different places
  • Learn the culinary history of different regions
  • Gain practical tips for planning your own food-based vacation

For more details visit http://tastetrekkers.com/schedule/



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