The WaterFire Arts Festival Plaza

the waterfire arts festival plaza

The WaterFire Arts Festival Plaza 2014

the waterfire arts plaza festival
WaterFire Providence and Bryce Studio are pleased to announce that the Arts Festival Plaza will return for the 2014 WaterFire Providence season. Located on Washington Street in the heart of the WaterFire installation, the Arts Festival Plaza is a showcase for local artists and crafts-people. From photography and sculpture, paintings and hand-crafted ceramics, to jewelry and specialty textiles, the WaterFire Arts Festival Plaza features a wide range of locally crafted artisan wares to exhibit for sale to WaterFire’s visitors.

Public Exhibition Hours: 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM (Fall hours subject to change)
Location: Washington Street (street closed to traffic)

Visit HERE to see the full WaterFire Arts Festival Plaza 2014 Schedule.

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