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warwick symphony orchestra

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Warwick Symphony Orchestra at Goddard Park Carousel

warwick symphony orchestraThe Warwick Symphony Orchestra will present music made famous by great artists spanning almost eighty years of popular genres including: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, the Beatles, Journey, Carlos Santana, Coldplay and more.

Audiences have come to associate classical music with orchestras based on the long tradition of Western classical music performed by such groups, yet we in the twenty-first century forget that Mozart and Beethoven were the popular composers and musicians of their time.

The Warwick Symphony Orchestra is a regional orchestra of volunteer musicians that brings exciting and informative symphonic performances to audiences around the Ocean State and in neighboring Massachusetts communities — performances that are both musically and financially accessible to all.

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About the Warwick Symphony Orchestra: Over forty years after its creation in 1966, the purpose of the orchestra remains the same, “to bring together non-professional musicians who have no other organized groups with which to perform.” Though it is one of the many arts organizations in the State of Rhode Island, it is the only one dedicated to bringing music into the community of nearby cities and towns.

Following George Low’s retirement in 1985, Vincent Mattera and Daniel Coyne led the orchestra for brief periods, then in 1990, Dinarte Ferro became the orchestra’s interim director. This interim term lasted twenty-one years and in 2011, he announced his departure from the organization with the completion of the spring concert series. In June 2011 he handed the baton over to Catherine Gagnon, the orchestra’s fifth and current music director and conductor.

Today, as it has from its inception, the orchestra performs at a variety of convenient and accessible locations including senior centers, schools, worship centers, and public parks, bringing a wide sampling of symphonic music to audiences—many of whom might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend live concert performances.

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